Dodge Disinfectant & Personal Hygiene Products

Dodge Disinfectant and Hygiene products offer a single solution to your disinfection and sanitation needs with consideration to safety of use, non-toxicity, and the environment. These products address a wide spectrum of bacterial activity and effectiveness against both gram positive and negative. In fact they are 99.999% effective against the widest spectrum of Bacteria, Viruses, Fungi Spores and Yeast.There is no Formaldehyde, Gluteraldehyde, Chlorine or other harmful chemicals in the formulations.

Performance Highlights:

  • Active against odour
  • Active against yeast
  • Fast rate of kill at low levels
  • Corosive


  • Non-staining
  • No Smell
  • Safe for use on hard and soft surfaces

dis1Dodge Concentrate

Anti-microbal and cleansing. This product can be applied to hard and soft surfaces and equipment to be cleaned and disinfected. Either leave to dry and wipe off or rinse with clean water.

Ordering Data: Dodge Concentrate 5 litres
Catalogue No: 777002 (Citrus), 777000 (Cherry), 777001 Non Fragranced.


dis2Dodge All Purpose Wipes

Clean and disinfect with these simple to use all purpose wipes. Use on all hard and soft surfaces as well as the skin. Especially useful for cleaning removal equipment after making transfers or Coroner’s Removals.

60 wipe personal pack: Order No. 777013
225 wipe tub: Order No. 777012


dis3Dodge Clean All

Orange Oil, this excellent cleaning product for use on everything from vehicles to the most stubborn of stains in the embalming room prior to disinfection. Use on all hard and soft surfaces.

750ml Trigger Spray: Order No. 777017
5 Litre refill: Order No. 777018


dis4Dodge Hand and Body Wash

For disinfecting and decontaminating hands and skin. This 3 in 1 lathering hand and body wash leaves hands and skin clean with a fresh fragrance and provides protection against infection.

500ml pump bottle: Order No. 777007
5 litre refill: Order No. 777008


dis5Dodge Foaming Hand Rub

Pump decontaminating foam directly on to hands, rub together and get the benefit of disinfected and visibly clean hands.

500ml Pump bottle: Order No. 777010
5 litre refill: Order No. 777011


dis6Dodge Liquid Hand RubTottle

Keep in your coat pocket or purse to disinfect your hands when soap and water are not available. Comes with a loop and clip so you can place it on your belt or scrubs.

50mml squeeze bottle: Order No. 777003


dis7Dodge Surface Cleaner

Safe to use on all hard and soft surfaces. Cleans and disinfects in single action. Ready to use spray or wipe onto the surface.

5 litre concentrate in Fragranced: Order No. 777006
5 litre concentrate Non-Fragranced: Order No. 777005
Spray 750ml Fragranced: Order No. 777009
Spray 750ml Non-Fragranced: Order No. 777004

Dodge Aerosol Spray

Disinfectant can be sprayed into the surrounding air and hard to reach places including computer keyboards and telephones. Won’t effect electronics. Provides safe, effective disinfection.

Non-Fragranced Spray: Order No. 777019
Fragranced Spray: Order No. 777020

Mosaic Urn

Mosaic-urnThe Mosaic Wheat Urn features stained glass in a beautiful mosaic pattern, which provides a stunning background for the field of wheat in the foreground.This urn is made of beautifully finished bronze coloured resin.

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glove1DodgeCare Nitrile butadiene powder free gloves designed for multi-purpose procedures. DodgeCare Nitrile Blue offers a strong, high quality, dependable, latex free alternative glove packed in 200 dispenser cartons for everyday use.

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dis2Dodge Disinfectant and Hygiene products offer a single solution to your disinfection and sanitation needs with consideration to safety of use, non-toxicity, and the environment.

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