What Is Dodge

Dodge, a family owned business since 1893, has three family members currently working full time – Mike, Debbie and Kristie Dodge, and Keith Dodge working part time as editor of the ‘The Dodge Magazine’.  We’re the largest supplier and manufacturer of embalming chemicals and cosmetics in the US and the world, and sell just about anything you could possibly need for embalming.

But, we are more

Dodge Research

Our research is never ending.  We want to create better products for you and improve the ones we have.  Dodge has had the only significant breakthroughs in our field: Synergism, Plasdoform, Dynachrome – to name just a few.  Our quality is second to none.  Every batch of chemicals is thoroughly checked and rechecked.  We employ three full time chemists and keep them very, very busy!

Dodge Representatives

While many companies are turning to direct mail and telephone sales, the Dodge representative comes to you.  Each representative is knowledgeable in the purpose and use of our products.  Your Dodge representative will assist you and find solutions that have been proven in the field time and again.  Dodge representatives understand you and the value of the funeral profession.  They strive to support their customers by offering great service and supplying the best information available.  Your Dodge representative – a resource – a problem solver – a friend.

Technical Support

Our representatives are experienced embalmers and will answer your embalming questions.  Whether it’s about a case you are soon to receive or one you are currently working on, we can answer your questions now.

The Dodge Magazine

Our readers often tell us that they enjoy The Dodge Magazine more than any other funeral service journal and that we provide the most useful embalming information available.  Our regular contributors include Jack Adams, Tim and Kim Collison, Denis Daulton and Jerome Burke.  The magazine is provided at no charge, four times a year, to over 19,000 funeral professionals over the world.

Dodge Service

We give the best service in the entire field of funeral supply.  We ship over 90% of orders on the same day we receive them.  We carry the stock so you don’t have to.

Dodge Institute Seminars

As we write this, change is in the works.  We are adding two 2 day technical seminars, to complement our full week Dodge Sunshine Seminar.  You can find information about our programmes at www.dodgeco.com, or call us and we will be glad to send it.  Our programmes feature speakers new to the field as well as regulars such as Earl Grollman, Doug Manning, Jack Adams, Tim Collison and Todd Van Beck.  Join us for one of these programmes and see why we have so many repeat attendees.

Mosaic Urn

Mosaic-urnThe Mosaic Wheat Urn features stained glass in a beautiful mosaic pattern, which provides a stunning background for the field of wheat in the foreground.This urn is made of beautifully finished bronze coloured resin.

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glove1DodgeCare Nitrile butadiene powder free gloves designed for multi-purpose procedures. DodgeCare Nitrile Blue offers a strong, high quality, dependable, latex free alternative glove packed in 200 dispenser cartons for everyday use.

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dis2Dodge Disinfectant and Hygiene products offer a single solution to your disinfection and sanitation needs with consideration to safety of use, non-toxicity, and the environment.

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